3ft Single Memory Foam and Reflex Maxicool Mattress & FREE Memory Foam Pillow review

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Technical Details
  • A high quality Sleepkings 15cm thick Orthopedic mattress.
  • Hypoallergenic and anti dust mite properties which is great for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Includes a thick layer of reflex foam creating a firm, bounce back mattress.
  • Provides support to all parts of your body ensuring your have restless free nights sleep.
  • Includes a FREE Memory Foam Pillow
    This is a Sleepkings 15cm Thick Orthopedic mattress in Sanitized fabric with Hypoallergenic Anti dust-mite features. A thick layer of reflex foam is used to act as the support layer in this mattress. Unlike memory foam, reflex foam does not mould to your body and bounces back very quickly. Due to these special properties, it is a fairly firm material which will provide a supportive layer to a mattress to ensure your weight is distributed properly. Hypoallergenic Sanitized materials and anti-dust mite properties are used making this mattress great for allergy and asthma suffers. An orthopedic mattress provides support to all parts of your body to ensure you are sleeping correctly and have a restless free nights sleep. Polyester wadding is added into our covers to create soft plump mattresses. The Sanitized Cover not only has anti-dust mite properties but means it can be dry cleaned with ease. We use powerful machines to compress the mattress and then remove the air within. The mattress is then rolled up and secured ready for dispatching. A mattress requires up to 72 hours to fully expand once opened. Our Mattresses are safe and regulated and are manufactured within the UK.

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