4ft6 Double 3" Memory Foam Mattress Toppers with Cooltouch Quilted Elasticated Cover (4ft6 Bed – 3" Depth) review

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Technical Details
  • 4ft6 Double memory foam mattress toppers. 3 inch thick.
  • Elasticated and quilted Cooltouch topper cover. Cover is washable & removable.
  • 100% UK manufactured memory foam.
  • Customer Helpline: 01924 406622
  • UK Manufactured
    Sleepkings - Sleep well for less. Our 2014 Royal range of memory foam mattress toppers now include a quilted Cooltouch cover with elasticated straps. The straps will hold the topper firm onto the mattress to prevent movement. The quilted fabric design will enhance the look of your existing bed. About our memory foam: Density: 50KG, UK manufactured, roll packed to avoid damage, moulds to your body shape, and luxury feel. It has soft and unique elasticity that provides and support movement and helps evenly distribute weight. Whilst in use, the material is able to respond instantly to a change in pressure points, and returns to its original form once the point of pressure is removed. 

Ability to provide pressure relief over long periods of time. About our quilted topper cover: UK manufactured, Cooltouch luxurious fabric, temperature sensitive, good for the human skin, removable & washable and quilted by skillful Craftsmen. Need any more information? Get in touch with our dedicated sales team on: 01924 406622

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