ailime Top Single Orthopedic Mattress, Memory Foam in the Aloe Vera, 90 x 195 x 25 cm, White, A Square review

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Technical Details
  • Single Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress and Waterfoam Size 90 x 195 Height 25 cm
  • Consists of removable Aloe Vera cover with zip on 4 sides.
  • Fabric cover in Aloe Vera and fascia 3space perimeter.
  • Certification Oeko-Tex on all raw materials used
  • Guarantee 15 years 100% made in Italy
    Technical features top model 25:- Size: 90 x 195- Top plate in memoryfoam Height 6 cm rigidity media H2- Lower plate in WaterFoam Height 18 cm Stiffness media H2- Finished mattress height 25 cm- Equipped with band 3SPACE High Breathability- Equipped with four side handles sewn by hand.- Anti-Dust Mite in Aloe Vera, Hypoallergenic and breathable coating.Specifications:The particular pantografia to waves of the two plates ensures a proper support and comfortable throughout the profile of the body.The band 3SPACE is equipped with air holes created to permit the passage preventing the formation of moisture, mildew and the prolificare of mites.The cover is enriched by the soothing properties and healing aloe vera.The four side handles ensure a total ease of transport.Main characteristics of the memory foam.The memory foam is a visco-elastic foam malts properties of comfort and ergonomic, its distinctive feature is that of fitPerfectly to the shape of the body providing adequate support and a clear improvement of the quality of the rest.Main characteristics of the polyurethane.The polyurethane foam to water is a material obtained by mixing of the two components of which the espandente agent is the water.Shipping:The product ships vacuum with highly durable double casing and side protection to facilitate transport, ensure that the integrity and hygiene.Once opened the mattress will the 90% of its original form in 3 - 4 hours,And will achieve the 100% within the next 24/48 hoursThe shipment is free throughout the country.

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