Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner 4 x 236 Ml review

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Technical Details
  • Care instructions: two 236 ml bottles are required for one double bed
  • Contains: four 236 ml bottles of multi-purpose waterbed conditioner (+)
  • Features: proven long-lasting quality
  • Unique characteristics: no expiry date, lid sealed with aluminium foil
    NOTE: We sometimes send out 2 x 4oz bottles for each 8oz bottle ordered Blue Magic All Purpose Waterbed Conditioner 8oz (238ml) x 4 Bottles Timed release conditioner for all types of waterbeds Perfect for all types of waterbeds One-Step Time Released Formula Controls Growth of Odour-Causing, Slime Forming Bacteria Removes Gases from Water Protects Vinyl, Fiber and Foam This is enough for 48 months on a normal mattress and for 32 months on a large size. This is the original product by Blue Magic, USA The bottles have a child proof (push and click) screw top lid and the bottle necks are also factory sealed with a metallic foil.

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