cecorelax – cecorelax (24 cm) Thickness Measurement Visco Mattress, 135 x 190 cm review

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    Enjoy the best nights sleep rest, thanks to the mattress Visco-elastic cecorelax (24 cm Thickness). Viscoelastic mattress orthopaedic high resistance Anatomically designed and soft cloud effect: Distribution of pressure points, Maximum relaxation and improves circulation, firm, elastic and to maintain a correct position Made of natural fibre and hygroscopic material wicks moisture away from your body and keeps you feeling comfortable Environmentally friendly - Recyclable and non toxic elements memory foam conforms to the body to allow for maximum comfort and a capacity of adaptation - Optimal Core housing: Foam Of 20 cm and thickness of 23 kg Material: Aloe Vera, extra cushioning and extra soft component of 1.5 cm viscoelastic 3D breathable fabric and bottom foam pads, 18 kg and 1.5 cm Area: Aloe Vera fabric, wood, 150 g and 3D breathable fabric in a scientific: elimination of viruses and bacteria and permanent reduction of allergies Hypoallergenic, Anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial hardness: Lightweight cotton fabric ventilation électro-biologique

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