Easy Memory Foam Mattress Only Top 22 80 x 200 cm Pillow Orthopaedic Memory Foam High 13 cm Anticervicale review

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Technical Details
  • Orthopaedic Single Mattress 80 x 200
  • Height plate 17 cm polyurethane rigidita 'Media H2
  • Medium glass memory foam 4 cm rigidita 'Height H2
  • Finished height mattress 22 cm
  • Memory foam cushion height approx 13 cm
    The mattress Easy H 22 is equipped with a double pantografia located on both sides to keep your body in the optimal way; one side is equipped with a plate of memory foam 4 cm high, which is one of the most modern materials for the preparation of mattresses and is able to To React To The Pressure And Heat Of The Body thus optimally by automodellarsi For accommodating the body, while the other side is equipped with a layer of polyurethane foam water to water (foam) High 17 cm thin, which guarantees a hard hardness and also supported to thicknesses. The mattress Easy H 22 is fully covered by a fabric cotton anti dust mite, which allows a correct breathability, and is also for promoting the ventilation is equipped with buttons these precisely "grille. All mattresses from my Suite products, including the easy, are equipped with 4 handles sewn on the side panels that provide easy movement also to a single person, and in addition are all anatomical, as wrap around the body in a comfortable manner and allow your body to take to a correct position. The memory foam pillow H13 is able to react to the pressure and heat of the body, the car model creating a bearing that welcomes optimally the body avoiding the compression of the body and supporting the attenuation of joint pain. The memory foam pillow is coated by a 100% pure cotton lining.

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