El Almacen del Colchon – Foam Mattress, Star Plus Model – All Measurements, White and Grey 90 x 180 x 20 cm review

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Technical Details
  • Foam mattress. Height: 20 cm.
  • Completely breathable and body temperature controlled.
  • High firmness and intermediate hardness. Perfect independence for beds.
  • Manufactured in Spain.
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    Features:Fiber padding 300 gr.HR: espumación core of high density.Bottom layer: 100 gr/m2 fibre, which facilitates the passage of air within the mattress. Height: 20 cm (+/-2 cm).Correct independence of beds: If you sleep in couple, you won't notice the movements of other sleeping. The outer fabric of this mattress is high quality stretch, breathable and soft to the touch, that provides comfort and facilitates the rest.Excellent breathability thanks to its underside upholstered with 3d mesh. This fabric facilitates the passage of air and, with this, the elimination of moisture and bacteria. In addition, its lower layer of fibres allows the flow of air within the mattress.Mattress with hygienic and non-allergenic treatment, which acts against micro-organisms that are formed in the mattress by the passage of time.By the smoothness of its padded, the mattresses can suffer Small variations in the height.High durability and quality to ensure that will keep all its characteristics over 2 years of intensive use.This mattress consists of two years of factory warranty. This warranty includes any damage that is not by a misuse of mattress.In addition the fabric has the OEKO-TEX ® certified certifies that the tissues that are used are NOT HARMFUL For The Health. The core of the mattress is dust mite, mildew and antibacterial treatment. In addition the HR account with certificate Certi-Pur ®.This mattress comes vacuum rolled. Must leave recover 24 hours.

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