Inofia Double Mattress 4FT6 Mattress 3D Breathable Fabric Mattress with Pocket Springs/7-Zone Support System/8.7 Inch Depth (100 Night Test at NO Risk) review

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Technical Details
  • ✿PAIN-FREE + COMFY✿--Pressure-relieving comfort foam helps to improve sleep efficiency by eliminating pressure points. It aids the high-density foam to conform to your body so your bones and joints sink into softness instead of feel their own weight against a surface. You wake up with magically less aches and pains.
  • ✿ZONED SCIENTIFICALLY + ALLEVIATING ✿--Inofia Pocket Springs Mattress has 7-zone spring systems that are scientifically proven to align the spine and directly combat back aches and pains , each reflecting specific pressure points on the body - and evenly distributes your weight while aligning your spine.
  • ✿REFRESHING + ENERGIC✿--We've designed our Inofia high density foam, which will not leave you feeling uncomfortable or stuck but free to move with ease It keeps you comfortable and supported, no matter how you sleep, It's a must that you refresh yourself with a dreamy sleep, with Inofia Mattress.
  • ✿100NIGHT TRIAL +10YEAR GUARANTEE✿-- Sleeping is believing. So, we're giving you 100 risk-free nights to try out any Inofia mattress. We are so sure of Inofia's quality that we guarantee the durability of our materials for a full 10 years.
  • ✿SUPPORTIVE + RELIEVING✿--Traditional springs are woven together and connected, which used to cause dips or squeaks. Inofia pocketed springs technology individually wraps each spring so they continue to provide strength and support on their own, giving you a firmer feel. This separation also divides motion, so you can do jumping jacks on your side and not wake up your partner on the other side. Despite the elaborate design, the pocketed coils can still be folded and shipped right to door.
    ✿Dreamy comfort starts from Inofia 3D Breathable Fabric Mattress with Pocket Springs, Sweet sleep from now on. Inofia zoned mattresses beat non-zoned mattresses hands-down to scientifically prove they're better at supporting your spine and alleviating back problems. Pocketed sprung offers outstanding support, superior spinal alignment, maximises sleeping space - making it ideal for couples. ✿What's inside ►3D Breathable Knitted Top Cover ►High-elasticity Foam, Highly responsive memory foam that moves with you ►High-density Foam, Pressure-relieving to give your body the support it needs. ► Non-woven fabrics Layer ►Sterile Layer, Durable, 100% polyester fabric with an anti-slip coating ►Pocketed Springs, Ideal density to withstand long term use ✿Fast FBA Delivery All Inofia mattress would be dispatched from Amazon to make sure it gets to you, FBA delivery guarantee, fast and awesome! ✿Long Warranty We're confident of the quality and durability of the Inofia Mattress that we offer a 10 Year Guarantee ✿Package include: 1 x Mattress ✿The Inofia Box Your Inofia mattress will be delivered in a Box(27.5*27.5*95~142cm) * Vacuum packed boxed and rolled for extra protection and ease of handling. *Please keep distance to the mattress when opening, as it expands surprisingly ✿Have customer service questions regarding a Inofia Mattress? please freely contact us, we offer a 24-hour time customer support with fast and friendly service

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