Memory Comfort mattress 140x190cm MEMORYTEX memory foam 42kg/m3, MEMO-LATEX 60kg/m3 - dual-sided + 7 comfort zones – 27 cm - OBED review

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Technical Details
  • MEMORYTEX® memory foam and ERGOLATTEX®: Independent sleeping
  • Thickness: 27 cm - Suits all body types - Dual-sided summer/winter
  • Delivered compressed and rolled: Easy to transport & hygienic
  • Made in Europe - 5-year guarantee Oeko-Tex® certified
  • Hypo-allergenic, anti-acarid treatment
    Mattress with MEMORYTEX® memory foam and ErgoLattex® foam - Available in 140 cm - Hypo-allergenic, anti-acarid - Dual-sided summer/winter - Made in Europe - Oeko-Tex certified - Delivered compressed and rolled - Thickness: 27 cm OBED® selects the best products for uniquely comfortable beds. We manufacture the mattresses - there is no middle-man. Treat yourself to a great mattress at the right price! This mattress is 27 cm thick and consists of 4 layers of high-density foam, MEMORYTEX® memory foam, and ErgoLattex® foam. With its firm support and soft finish, this is the ideal mattress for a refreshing sleep and sweet dreams. The mattress has a high-density foam core to provide firmness and perfect body support. MEMORYTEX® memory foam absorbs body heat and moulds to your shape: hollows are smoothed out and pressure points are alleviated, thus contributing to improved circulation. Truly independent sleeping: you will never be disturbed again when your partner moves! Ergolattex® technology combined with textured fabric eliminates humidity from your mattress and naturally adjusts the temperature of your bed (warm in winter, cool in summer). This reversible mattress has two sides, each made of appropriate materials. The quilted winter side retains heat. The textured fabric on the summer side provides good ventilation of the mattress and makes it feel cooler. Install this OBED mattress wherever you like: on the floor, on a solid or slatted base. It is fully adaptable and suitable for all the family. You do not need to collect your mattress, we deliver it to you in a compact package. It is compressed and shrink-wrapped - just open the package and it springs back into shape! All our materials are OEKO-TEX® certified for impeccable quality, so that you can sleep in peace. Our mattresses do not contain any chemicals harmful to health or skin. They are also antibacterial, anti-acarid, and, consequently, hypo-allergenic.

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