Memory Gel Fresh Duo mattress 140x190cm MEMORYTEX memory foam 42kg/m3, MEMO-LATEX 60kg/m3, FROZEN-GEL 45kg/m3 -Dual-sided – OBED review

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Technical Details
  • MEMORYTEX® memory foam, ERGOLATTEX®, and FROZEN-GEL®
  • Thickness: 28 cm - Suits all body types - Dual-sided summer/winter
  • Delivered compressed and rolled: Easy to transport & hygienic
  • Made in Europe - 5-year guarantee Oeko-Tex® certified
  • Hypo-allergenic, anti-acarid treatment
    Mattress with MEMORYTEX® memory foam, ErgoLattex® foam, and FROZEN-GEL® foam - Available in 140 cm - Hypo-allergenic, anti-acarid - Dual-sided summer/winter - Made in Europe - Oeko-Tex certified - Delivered compressed and rolled - Thickness: 28 cm As we spend half our lives in bed, OBED® selects the best products for uniquely comfortable beds. Our range of OBED® mattresses offer impeccable quality and optimum comfort at affordable prices. We manufacture the mattresses - there is no middle-man. Treat yourself to a great mattress at the right price! The Memory Gel Fresh Duo mattress is 28 cm thick and consists of 6 carefully-combined layers of high-density foam, MEMORYTEX® memory foam, ErgoLattex® foam, and FROZEN-GEL® foam, for perfectly restful nights in both summer and winter. The mattress has a high-density foam core to provide firmness and perfect body support. MEMORYTEX® is a memory foam that moulds perfectly to your body shape. Your first impression of the mattress is its softness and you enjoy truly independent sleeping: you will never be disturbed again when your partner moves! ErgoLattex® foam provides excellent aeration of your mattress. The main advantage of this reversible mattress is the FROZEN-GEL® foam layer on the summer side, which offers a pleasantly cool sensation. Thanks to its hydro-thermal properties, FROZEN-GEL® foam attenuates the accumulation of body heat and humidity in the mattress. Install this OBED mattress wherever you like: on the floor, on a solid or slatted base. It is fully adaptable and suitable for all the family. You do not need to collect your mattress, we deliver it to you in a compact package. It is compressed and shrink-wrapped - just open the package and it springs back into shape! All our materials are OEKO-TEX® certified for impeccable quality, so that you can sleep in peace. Our mattresses do not contain any chemicals harmful to health or skin. They are also antibacterial and anti-acarid.

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