Naturalex OPTISOFT Mattress, 20 cm 90 x 200 cm + Blue Latex® + Thermosoft® Memory Foam, Firm review

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Technical Details
  • This mattress gives seven comfort zones and clears the parts of the body of tension accumulated during the day and increases blood circulation.
  • The & # x153; Heart of blue latex® 35 kg/m3 guarantees of strength and flexibility. It is a material that give your sleep the benefits of the more breathable and naturally dust mite resistant and anti-microbial. Particularly durable, it always comes back to its original shape, even after many Night's Sleep.
  • Sensitive, Thermosoft® Memory Foam reacts rapidly to the body temperature and moulds its shape in an instant. Fragrance free, it contains of adaptation and life to traditional memory foam properties.
  • Air Fresh® system and 3D drill honeycomb for excellent access and air to your bedding while preventing the concentration of any type of moisture in the mattress.
  • Four available: balanced up to very firm comforts.
    The model OptiSoft is a mattress that adapts to all shapes and sizes.The memory foam is associated with the latex allowing you to extend the contraction and muscle tension from all points support. It provides a good grip of the spinal column. The compression is gradually, the air flow is improved, and the maintenance of the body is firm and supple.It consists of a core of blue latex® (35 kg/m3) giving you a perfectly balanced, with also a "custom" solution to your back, while avoiding the pressure points.Also made with a layer of memory foam contoured Thermosoft® that adapts quickly to the contours of your body and which has the property to remain flexible in the winter even when the temperatures drop.With 19 cm thick, it adapts to the profiling beds.Thanks to the 7-Zone structure, this mattress will provide you with a suitable home: it releases the areas of the body that have the pressure such as the shoulders and hips and gives you longer enjoyment of your frame rest suitable for areas which exerts less pressure as the legs and head.The OptiSoft is reversible, will thanks to its different faces summer and winter.The Winter Side is covered with a thick cotton fabric to provide heat. The dotted side is, however, covered with a 3D cloth which allows for improved heat dissipation and cooler night's sleep.Equipped with the air fresh® system which provides a perfect air circulation between the tissues and prevents concentration of moisture in the mattress.The brand's 10-year limited warranty Naturalex For This Product One of the best compromises.

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