Naturalex Visco-Carbone mattress 150 x 200 cm antistatic cover + latex-based + hypoallergenic Bio Memory® foam, 25 cm review

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Technical Details
  • Brings together the features of all materials are the most advanced technology, the qualities of traditional natural fibres, the presence of Carbon Fibre in the fabric creates a barrier against electromagnetic pollution and electrostatic charges that take over the places where we live.
  • Antistatic and non-allergenic, static electricity is generated by a mechanism that is easy and intuitive. The friction between two objects can be a transfer of electrons from one product to another and produce the electrical charges that we so often disturb. The use of carbon, which is intrinsically driver allows the dispersion not harmful to these loads.
  • Quality: 18 cm natural aero-latex: give your sleep the health benefits of the plant matter, more breathable, naturally anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial: source of well-being, the mattress visco-carbone "H2" is a real Invitation to return to a natural sleep.
  • Innovation naturalex: 9 cm quality comfort soft + 40 kg core to give firm support and a 9 cm in quality comfort soft 35 kg Product for a warm soft and fun.Natural aero-latex is a particularly durable material: It Always Comes Back To Its Original Shape, even after many Night's Sleep. This allows the mattress to be used more than 10 years with the benefits of a sleeping area for excellent performance.
  • Sommeil Reparateur: 6 cm bio-memory: Memory Foam bio-memory ® 6 cm, that is applied to your mattress, will give you a warm enveloping and a feeling of sleep in weightless and gives you longer enjoyment of your frame suitable for areas which exerts less pressure as the legs and head. Easy movements while you sleep. Reduces tension and returned for pressure points on the body in a more balanced in any posture. Increases blood circulation.
    Mattress visco-carbone Naturalex thick - very comfortable, the lining is made of fabric to the carbon. The mixed practicality and comfort with the technology and the plate. Includes the characteristics of the materials of the most advanced technology, the qualities of traditional natural fibres, the presence of carbon fibre in the fabric create a barrier against the electromagnetic radiation and static electricity which pervade the places in which we live.

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