PROCAVE Micro-Comfort, Microfiber Mattress Protector, Soft Touch Mattress Cover, Breathable Microfiber Mattress Topper, Made in Germany, 90x200 cm review

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Technical Details
  • Hygienic bed sheet: microfiber mattress pad protects mattress from stains and ensures excellent moisture transport
  • Easy-care and durable mattress sheet: square quilted bed protector is washable up to 60°, non-iron, fast-drying
  • Secure hold: fitted sheet with four corner rubber bands prevents slipping - perfect for divan- and waterbeds
  • Sleeping comfort: soft microfiber bed cover with high-quality polyester filling is breathable, skin-friendly and heat compensating
  • Versatile application: bed pad for mattress heights up to 30cm, available for single and double beds
    Sleeping on a Cloud Our square quilted PROCAVE mattress protector with its white fabric does not only look like a cloud cover, but also feels like one. Its velvety-soft filling with 500 g/m² high-quality polyester enhances your sleeping comfort noticeably. The individual fibres in the cover are 150 times thinner than human hair. Thus, our mattress protector combines high density with low weight. Excellent Mattress Protection Hygienic sleep is the best kind of sleep. To enjoy your mattress for a long time our PROCAVE Micro-Comfort mattress protector prevents your mattress from soiling and thus, contributes to its longevity. The microfiber topper is very easy to clean in the washing machine and dries so fast that it can be reused the very next night. The four rubber bands in its corners makes it easy to apply and holds it in its place during the whole night. Hence, your sleep is not disturbed and the whole mattress is always protected. Skin-friendly and Moisture Regulating Our hygienic mattress cover is not only the ideal solution to protect your mattress, it has another important feature to ensure your sleeping comfort. There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night or early morning sticking to your pyjamas and sheets. Whether it is due to a busted air conditioner or because you are simply hot-blooded and prone to sweat - we have used the right materials to fight the problem. The microfiber cover with the polyester filling is breathable, skin-friendly and creates a very good moisture transport to compensate heat. Our choice of materials always feels good on the skin and thus nothing stands in the way of a relaxing night. The flexible and soft pad is suitable for normal single to double sized mattresses with a mattress height up to 30cm, as well as divan beds and waterbeds.

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