Pump for emptying of water beds review

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Technical Details
  • Original Blue Magic Super siphon water hand pump
  • Simple to suck water out of the water mattress without spillage
  • Water Bed capacity corrections made easy
  • Easy to use
  • Connection options for hose 3/4 inch thread
    With this priming support for all types of water mattresses, you can easily Designed suck up out of bed and drain water. Easy to fill correction at crowded water beds.No more annoying suction, no more puddles by mouth in bed Thanks to Unsachgemäßes to remove.The adaptor suitable for all types of water mattresses and will firmly fixed screwed onto the filling. On the other end can be set on 3/4 inch connection e.g. a adapter and a hose to be used.Also available in a complete with adaptor and hose piece in our shop.

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