Sareer Matrah Memory Foam Mattress Medium Single 3FT White review

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Technical Details
  • Dimension: W: 900 x L: 1900 x H 160 mm
  • Single Mattress
  • Dust Mite Resistant
  • No Need to Turn
  • No Roll Together
    Dimension: W: 900 x L: 1900 x H 160 mmThe Sareer Matrah Memory Foam Mattress is an example of a mattress that is designed with your comfort in mind. Featuring an extra soft material top layer that has been specially developed by the NBF-approved Sareer team the memory foam used works to match the contours of your body as well as to spread body weight. In turn this leaves you comfortable enough to prevent you from tossing and turning throughout the night allowing you to wake feeling rejuvenated.What is more the soft top layer material is designed to keep you cool by regulating temperature and humidity. The mattress is vacuum packed too in order to ensure the mattress remains as fresh as possible. - Memory Foam - No Need to Turn - Removable/ Washable Zip Cover - Dust Mite Resistant - No Roll Together - Soft Knit Cover

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