Top Air memory foam mattress, 160x200, Height 25, 7 zones with varying densities, Aloe Vera cover, review

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Technical Details
  • Memory foam mattress 160x200 Aloe Vera cover, Height 25 cm
  • Aloe Vera outer cover, hypoallergenic, anti-mites, anti-static.
  • Memory foam height: 5 cm.
  • All the raw materials are certificated OEKO TEX CLASS 1. 10 year-guarantee.
  • Shipped vacuum packed with double protection.
    DESCRIPTION: Top Air mattress Size: 160x200 Mattress Height: 25 cm (including the cover). Outer cover treated with Aloe Vera, with 3D side band that ensures the utmost in breathability and a perfect air exchange and with side handles. The cover is anti-mites, hypoallergenic and breathable. SPECIFICATIONS: Layers with different density and shaping along the whole profile, for a comfortable and optimal support. The support layer consist of 19 cm Waterfoam. The top layer consists of 5 cm MemoryFoam ViscoPur. Thanks to the shaping and to the zones with varying densities, the body receives the perfect support along the whole profile. DELIVERY: Our mattresses are shipped vacuum packed to enables integrity, hygiene and an easy transportation. After opening, it is necessary to put the mattress on the slatted base frame and let it rest for few hours to make sure that it expands to its normal shape. All the raw materials are certificated OEKO TEX CLASS 1. Memory foam benefits: The Memory Foam mattresses are famous for their characteristics of ergonomics and comfort. The viscoelastic foam allows the mattress to adapt perfectly to the shape of the body and to return to its original state once the body is removed, thus ensuring an adequate support.

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