Water – Viscose Memory Foam King Mattress 160x200 review

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Technical Details

  • Orthopaedic water viscose King Mattress shipped directly from the manufacturer, without extra retail charge (Original Packaging).
    Due to its special combination water line core Mix and viscoelastic foam impacted, Mattress For Extra to weight and heat of your body.

  • Information strip water line King 3 deep memory foam mattress:
    Reacts to temperature (heat = softer) + (cold = hardener)
    It could change during periods of activity and balance to the body's shape both sides; Open-pored and thus breathable
    Pressure relieving guarantees a better
    Blood circulation.
  • Water viscose mattress, the mattress to react particularly well on weight and heat of your body.
    Orthopaedic Water viscose King Mattress Possible use in:Back, Neck, And Joint PainPressure sores disease (sores)Sleep DisordersThe feature is to lounger diagram as good, whether it is a water bed or a gel mattress at the same time. By an optimal body pressure point relief is achieved, the spine anatomically is stored correctly. The two different sides of the water viscose mattress:The one side is made from anatomical viscose foam (6 cm) manufactured and very soft, so the body, as if on a water bed or a gel mattress without noticeable pressure, store.The other side is made of a orthopaedic waterline core Mix, 50% orthopaedic polyurethane and 50% anatomically shaped latex and has been made in the honeycomb. It is highly nachgiebig and Druckpunktelastisch (according to level of cooking I).Important.The The Water Bed necessary water treatment Medium and fuel bills by the (Kostenmäßig) to date won't fall unterschätzen to during water viscose mattress DO NOT harm your hair.The water viscose mattress is especially suitable for people who suffer from allergies. Special slatted frame you do not need, as the mattress very high quality. You can also be connected easy slatted bed frames offer optimal sleeping comfort. Superb quality. Dimensions: 160 x 200 cmComfortable height: 22 cm Important. A branded product with 12 years full Hliege WarrantySuitable for users weight of between 30 and 160 kg per person.'The "Vacuum one refers to the size.The mattress will be packed securely by our professional team in Vakuumiertem Condition delivered. By opening the packaging it the mattress Air and can be used after approx. 24STD. This method reduces the contents to a roll, making it more from shipping very cheap to run and easy. < br

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