Waterbed mattress high quality - 160x200cm - Mono - Strong wave reduction review

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Technical Details
  • The waterbed mattress dimensions are 160 x 200 x 20 cm the set consists of a framework and a thermal separator
  • It is suitable for the softside beds (with the foam frame) in the dimensions of 160 x 200 cm or for the hardside beds (without the foam frame) in the dimensions of 140 x 180 cm
  • Material: vinyl, 0.6 mm thickness double welded using high-frequency welding process colour: blue
  • System: Mono (1 waterbed mattress)
  • Reduction level: strong wave
    Waterbed Furniture, Mono - 160 x 200 x 20 cm - Strong wave reductionThis waterbed mattress features the mono system and measures 160 x 200 x 20 cm. The mattresses in the mono system consists of a one mattress. This system works out especially when one person uses the bed, or when we desire to lie crosswise without disturbing chinks. Waterbed mattresses are made from high-quality premium vinyl of 0.6 mm. The material is tested for harmful substances to the EN 71 standard for children's toys. The cores are conical in shape and the welds are created using the most modern high-frequency welding technique. The corner seams of the cores are reinforced. Inside the water cores, only high-quality, thermally bonded fibre fleeces are used. These do not dissolve even after many years of use. The offered mattress is designed with a strong wave reduction level which provides high lying comfort combined with a significantly weakened sensation of water movement. Wave motion continues for 1-3 seconds. Right size: One of the most important factors when choosing a waterbed mattress. A mattress for Softside bed (with a foam frame): order a mattress in the dimensions suited to the external dimensions of a foam frame. Therefore, for a 180 x 200 cm bed you will need a 180 x 200 cm mattress A mattress for Hardside bed (with a hard-sided bed frame): order a mattress that is 10 cm longer for each side of a Hardside bed (left side, right side, footboard, and headboard). Therefore, for a 180 x 200 cm bed you will need a 200 x 220 cm mattress. We are happy to help you choose a right mattress! Healthy sleep thanks to the utter feeling of comfort! Details:Type: Waterbed MattressColour: BlueMaterial: VinylAssembly: Requires InstallationKey features: Even Distribution of Body Weight , High Quality, Exceptionally Low Maintenance, Compliance with the EN 71 Safety Standard

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