Why A Matress Is Your Most Important Piece of Furniture

A mattress is one of the most underappreciated, least thought about pieces of furniture you have in your home. But did you know it is actually the most important?

It all boils down to sleep.

We sleep on our mattresses, and as such, it greatly effects HOW we sleep. If you're continually waking up sore and stiff, or are unable to fall asleep, the reason may just be your mattress. Often, people don't immediately think of their mattress as the culprit unless it's a REALLY bad mattress. But the mattress doesn't have to be a lumpy, broken, dirty piece of junk in order to give you a bad night of sleep. It could simply be the wrong mattress for you, and what your body needs.

But why is this so important?

Because sleep is absolutely vital to our overall health and wellbeing. While we sleep, our bodies rejuvenate themselves. They get rid of illnesses, and ease sore muscles. Our minds also need sleep. It is while we sleep that our brains process what happened during the day, including anything we learned. It is while we sleep that our minds regroup and declutter, allowing us to stay mentally stable.

The effects of bad sleep caused by the wrong mattress can begin with only one night of restless sleep. If our bodies do not get the required eight hours of sleep every night, the most obvious problem is that we are groggy the next day. This can lead to mistakes, and even drowsy driving, which has been proven to be just as bad as drunk driving. Other short term effects caused by a lack of restful sleep include:
-anxiety; when you're mind is unable to decompress over night, all your worries from today will be piled on top of your worries from yesterday. In individuals who are prone to panic attacks, this could set off a bad attack
-Forgetfulness and general memory impairment; you have a greater chance of forgetting everything from where you put your keys to that meeting you had planned for the day
-Distractibility; a lack of sleep can make it incredibly hard for you to concentrate, which leads to frustration, stressed relationships, and failure to perform at work or home

The long term effects of bad sleep caused by the wrong mattress are even worse. If you continually lack your eight hours sleep a night, you could suffer from incredibly serious health conditions. Just a few of these include:
-heart attack
-high blood pressure
-an increased risk for obesity
-anxiety and/or panic disorders

It isn't only your health that can suffer. Prolonged irritability and difficulty concentrating can lead to difficulties in your relationships, and job. It can be incredibly frustrating, and a good portion of the time it can all be easily remedied by simply choosing a different mattress. The one you currently have may be too soft or too firm, or perhaps it isn't even the write mattress type. One way to find out for sure is to spend a few nights sleeping somewhere else - a friend's house, your parent's, or a hotel. If you sleep well on another mattress, then yours is definitely the culprit!