Bedzonline Mattress Reviews: 5 Best Mattresses You Should Consider Buying

Bedzonline Mattress Review

What makes a quality mattress?

Typically, there are a lot of factors that will determine the quality and reliability. Some people consider the firmness, others look at the type, while others consider the buoyancy. But these are not the only factors one should consider when picking a good mattress.

The main determining aspect, which is like an umbrella of all factors of a good mattress is the brand/manufacturer. Manufacturers will have a specific way of developing their products. When you consider the manufacturer, you have a better chance of picking the right product. That said, Bedzonline is one of the leading manufacturers. Here is a review of the Bedzonline mattresses.

Top 5 Bedzonline Mattresses

To help you narrow your search, here are 5 best mattresses you should consider buying.

  • 4FT6 Double Memory Foam And Reflex

This memory foam Bedzonline mattress has been developed with a unique layer of high-density visco-elastic polymer gel that is pressure and heat sensitive. It will conform to your shape and relieve the pressure points around the body. It also features a supportive Base of a thick reflex foam layer that offers enough support. This also acts as the foundation.

This Bedzonline mattress comes with an Energy Class rating of A++. It’s made with hypoallergenic sanitized materials and anti-dust mite features that make it safe for people with asthma and allergies. It is generally an orthopaedic mattress that offers edge-to-edge support. Furthermore, it comes with a zipped cover for easy cleaning. It’s vacuum packed and rolled to assure you of safety and limited injuries when unpacking it.

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  • Single 3-Zone Memory Foam and Reflex

This  single-sized Bedzonline mattress comes with a micro quilted cool flex cover that will keep you cool throughout the night. You will not experience the excessive sweating. It also comes with hypoallergenic anti-dust mite features. The base layer is all foam, and it doesn’t contain springs. The zipped cover is removable, and you should only dry clean it. The best part of this amazing mattress is that it comes with a free pillow. It offers extra comfort and will contour to your body accordingly.

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  • King Open Coil Memory Foam

This King-Size Bedzonline mattress comes with a unique design that makes it look elegant even without a cover. Tit has a black border memory foam, and the flowery pattern on the top layer enhances the look further. This one is medium to soft, which might not be the perfect choice if you are looking for a firm mattress. The memory foam is combined with the open coil to maximize the comfort. It is 8 inches thick and 5ft wide, which assures the sleeper of a luxurious night. Furthermore, it has an Energy Class A rating. You will not experience excessive sweating while sleeping on it.

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  • V Star Double Orthopaedic Open Coil

This double-sizeed one comes with an open coil spring unit and it has a contemporary micro-quilted design too. Furthermore, the mattress features hypoallergenic fillings and luxury fibre fillings. The fibre fillings enhance the support. It is made from a luxury damask fabric that is both strong and luxurious. This is another one that comes with an elegant design that doesn’t need a bed cover when not in use. Nonetheless, it might be a little too soft for those that prefer a firm mattress.

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  • 7-Zone Memory Foam Damask

This is one of the best mattress you can get out there. It is uniquely designed with a superior look, and the ability to conform to your body accordingly. Typically, this Bedzonline mattress will target 7 different areas of your body to offer a snuggly comfort as you sleep. It will also relieve pressure points all along the body. It might sink in pressure areas, but it will go back to its shape after a few minutes.

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About The Brand

This is a brand that was established back in 1989, and it doesn’t only deal with mattresses. The company is known for their wide range of beds and furniture too. Generally, it is a brand that takes care of your bedroom/sleeping needs. They offer their beds and mattress to give you a comfortable sleep. For over the 30 years that they have been in the business, they have come up with quality products that meet the needs of multiple customers.

What Makes Bedzonline A Worthwhile Brand?

It is not always about the name of the brand, but rather about their reputation and what they are known for. Bedzonline is one of the best manufacturers in the UK, and they are many people’s favourite brand for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons to consider buying their products:

  • Different types of mattresses

Unlike other brands that stick to manufacturing a specific type, this company expands its delivery to offer multiple mattresses to clients. You will find different types including memory foams, pocket-sprung, open coil, and reflex foam mattresses.

All these mattresses have different delivery and benefits, which means that you will get to choose the one that meets your preferences and condition.

  • Their products are warrantied/Return Policy

In addition to the high-quality, they also come with a guarantee on every product. Furthermore, you can always request a replacement or a refund if you got the wrong product or if you are not satisfied with the product after around 3 months of purchase.

  • Free UK Delivery

Another amazing thing about them is that they come with a free UK delivery, especially when you buy them from Amazon.

  • Luxury and economy products

Whether you want a luxury mattress that delivers executive comfort or you prefer a regular one that is decent for a fairly-cosy night, Bedzonline is loaded with multiple mattresses for you to pick what’s right for you.

Even if you pick a mattress from Bedzlonline, always ensure that you consider all the necessary factors for you to take home a reliable, comfortable, and durable product.


All the Bedzonline mattresses come with the hypoallergenic features to make them safe for people with asthma or those with allergies. Above all, they are available at super cheap prices, making them top-notch mattresses that are budget-friendly as well. Since they come in different types and sizes, you can always choose the one that suits your needs/preferences.