Best Double Mattress Reviews: Finding the Right One

Double mattresses are a bigger version of the small double, and slightly smaller than the king size mattresses.

These mattresses can perfectly fit two people without seeming too small. The mattress measures 135cm by 190cm, and it is designed for the double bed (4.6ft by 6.3ft). Whether you are getting one for yourself or for you and your partner, it can be big and comfortable enough.

So, are you planning to buy a double mattress? Read on to get useful buying tips and suggestions of the best double mattresses you should consider buying.

Finding the Right Double Mattress

Now, when you are out looking for the perfect 135cm-by-190cm-sized mattress, you should consider a few factors. Not every double mattress out there is the same. They all come in different types and quality. The best way to ensure you have the right one is to apply all the relevant factors. Take a look at some of the aspects you should consider;

  • Mind the type

It is not new to any buyer that these products come in different types. And if you didn’t know that, today you will. Double mattresses (and every other one) come in various categories, and the most common include open spring, pocket spring, memory foam, and latex mattresses.

Open spring mattresses are also called continuous coil or open coil mattress, and they usually come with one long piece of metal wire that is coiled into numerous springs. Furthermore, it contains a border wire/rod that will maintain its shape. However, open spring mattresses tend to be less supportive, which is why many people use them in children’s bedrooms or guest bedrooms (where they can be replaced regularly).

On the other hand, a pocket sprung mattress comes with small springs that are placed in individual fabric pockets. For that, each spring will move independently to offer a more luxurious support than the open spring mattress.

Memory foam mattresses have a mouldable material that will respond to the weight and temperature of the sleeper. That is why most memory foam mattresses mould to the shape of your body. Latex mattresses contain latex foam that is breathable to prevent excessive sweating at night. They are also the best mattresses with hypo-allergenic properties; ideal for the asthmatic and the allergic.

  • The firmness

Each mattress will come with a specific firmness, and you should choose according to your preferences. It can either be soft, medium soft, medium firm, and firm. Ensure to test the firmness before you make the purchase.

  • The brand

Yep, you most of all need to consider the brand. In most cases, each brand has a way of developing their mattresses, so choosing the right brand assures you of a reliable mattress. Also, a well-known brand will offer return policies and long-term warranties for their products.

Top 5 Double Mattresses

Now that you have a clue of how to shop for the right mattress, check out these top double mattresses you should consider buying;

Orthopaedic Open Coil Spring, Happy Beds Super Ortho Medium Firm Tension with Reflex Foam – 4ft6 Double (135 x 190 cm)

Even though most open spring mattresses are not always that comfortable, this one beats the odds. It is also an orthopaedic mattress that comes with a medium-firm tension. By the way, an orthopaedic mattress is one that is specially designed to support the back, joint, and entire body. So yes, this double mattress from Happy Beds outperforms other regular open coil spring mattresses out there. It also has some classic fillings, along with a luxurious Damask fabric cover that makes it look elegant when you aren’t sleeping on it.

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Bedzonline – Sprung With Memory Foam

This is another open coil spring mattress that is made with an innovative technology. It comes with hypoallergenic fillings to make it safe for the asthmatic and the allergic sleepers. It comes with a contemporary micro quilt design that gives it an appealing look. Furthermore, it features some luxury fibre filling to enhance the support. And yes, it is UK Fire-retardant (all Bedzonline mattresses are made that way). The best part is that it is hand-made to make it an incredibly reliable. It is also 7 inches thick that assures you of maximum comfort.

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Visco Therapy – 3 Zone

This hybrid mattress combines both memory foam and reflex foam in one unit. The top 2cm layer is memory foam, while the lower layer is reflex foam. The memory foam offers proper body contour while the reflex foam offers the support. It has an overall thickness of 15cm, making it thick enough for a cosy night. You’ll also love the quilted maxi-cool cover that gives you a sweat-less night, which you can zip-off when you want to clean it. Furthermore, it comes with two free pillows.

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Joseph Int. Alesha 8” Orthopaedic Tufted

This Alesha Double Mattress is of a high-quality, and it also features orthopaedic properties. With a thickness of 8 inches, you can be sure of a comfortable night with an optimum back support. It also has a medium-firm tension, which is well-balanced. It comes with a high-density satin pad that protects the strong open coil spring unit. It features a slatted base that offers enough support as you sleep. The tufted top cover makes it look amazing even without the need for a bedsheet/cover. You can even leave it as it is when you wake up in the morning and it will maintain its classy and luxurious look. Amazingly, it comes at a very affordable price.

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Happy Beds Orthopaedic 1000 Pocket Sprung Majestic Double Mattress

If you don’t prefer the open coil spring mattress from Happy Beds, here is a pocket sprung unit for you. It features 1,000 individual springs that will react independently to give you a cosy and peaceful sleep. Furthermore, it comes with orthopaedic properties, along with deluxe hypoallergenic fillings. You can imagine the level of comfort offered by this mattress. It is handmade, and UK Fire Retardant as well. It comes with air vents for breathability and to minimise excessive sweating at night.

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Regardless of the double mattress, you pick, always ensure that you consider the reliability, comfort, durability, and support. Choose a mattress that will serve you for long enough while minimizing the joint, back and overall body pains. Above all, ensure that you pick one that is covered by a warranty.