Best Pocket Sprung Mattress Reviews: Medium, Firm, Multi Pocket

Everyone knows that feeling – you wake up and feel like you haven’t slept at all.  Your joints ache, you’re tired, you stagger to the kitchen and look searchingly for the coffee maker.  What you wouldn’t give for one good night’s sleep. Don’t worry, we will help you to choose the best pocket sprung mattress!

Pocket sprung mattress tout it’s ability to solve all your sleep problems with special springs or ideal firmness targeted to the most troublesome areas. The problem is, there is no official standard or certification to provide guidance to consumers navigating the seemingly endless selection of orthopedic mattresses.  So, we’ve done it for you.

Here is a list of the 7 best mattresses, grouped by price range.  From the pinnacle of luxury to a simple mattress that gives you that elusive night of restful sleep, you are sure to find an answer to your sleep problems. Read our reviews below:

Low Priced Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Ej. Life 3D Breathable Fabric Mattress with Pocket Springs and Memory Foam – 9-Zone Orthopaedic – 8.7-Inch

EJ Life boasts a soft, luxurious feel that is supported by springs wrapped in fabric pockets to provide all-over comfort and support.  This mattress is ideal for couples with size and weight differences, as the individually wrapped springs take the weight of each person, preventing one person from rolling toward the other.  The fabric surrounding the springs also acts as shock an absorber, minimizing disturbance from created from an active sleeper.  The 3D fabric is also designed to reduce pressure points and wick away body heat, making for cooler sleep.


Vacuum packed for the easy opening and immediate use

Prevents partners from rolling together during sleep

Encourages good posture during sleep

3-month money back guarantee


Spring design can be intrusive takes some getting used to for some

Memory Foam layer not thick enough for some

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Birlea Luxor


This is another mattress but differs from the EJ Life counterpart with its multi-layer construction.  Nine layers of a combination of foam, padding, springs and felt combine to produce a mattress that hugs the contours of your body while you sleep.


Vacuum packed for the easy opening

Reduces disturbance from an active sleep partner


Not double sided, so cannot be turned over for even wear; only rotated on the single side.

Heavy, making it difficult for one person to rotate on a regular basis

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Sareer Gel Pocket Mattress – Medium/Firm


This mattress Gel-Lex foam, instead of the traditional latex.  Originally designed for medical settings to provide the utmost in comfort, gel mattresses are becoming increasingly popular in the home.  This mattress uses the pocket sprung design along with a tufted surface to provide comfort and support all in one.


Gel-infused handles for easy turning


Dust mite resistant


Some users describe the mattress as hot if the sleeper is in the same place for too long

Sides of mattress lack support, resulting in slight slope at the edge

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Mid-Priced Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Memory Foam 2000, Happy Beds Bamboo Vitality Medium Firm Tension Mattress with Reflex Foam

This pocket sprung mattress features a cover woven of bamboo yarn, which helps to absorb moisture and acts as a natural deodorant.  Six handles make it a piece of cake to rotate, and side air vents provide maximum breathability.  It is also insulated with two types of foam to help keep sleepers comfortable in both warm and cold weather.


Bamboo cover ideal for heavy sleepers who tend to sweat

Pocket springs reduce roll together



Foam can lead to less support at edges, giving way to sloping

Can take up to eight weeks for springs to settle in, resulting in initial discomfort

Heavy, difficult for one person to turn

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Healthopaedic Memory Pocket Deluxe 1000

This pocket sprung mattress has 100% polyester fill, which makes it incredibly durable and perfect for those suffering from allergies.  As with most of the others on this list, this mattress is pocket sprung, reducing roll together and providing independent support to each partner.  Even if one moves around a lot, both partners can sleep undisturbed. It might not be the best pocket sprung mattress, but solid one.


1-year guarantee against material faults and workmanship

Anti-static fabric

Not the best pocket sprung mattress, but good one


Medium tension best for people of average size

Fire retardant spray odor lingers for up to four weeks after delivery

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Expensive Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Rest Assured by Silentnight Brodsworth Memory 2000


This handmade, mattress boasts support from corner to corner, and its memory foam topping provides pressure relief to joints and spine alike.  It also comes with a self-cleaning cover, which promises to eliminate mold and dust mites naturally.  Additionally, Silentnight is one of the manufacturers who offer a guarantee on its products, giving customers more comfort with the quality.


5-year guarantee, providing customers follow warranty instructions

Tufted surface prevents overheating, allowing for more comfortable sleeping


Some customers report side sloping and roll together

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Silentnight – Dreamworld Mirapocket 1200 Moonstone

This mattress uses a 1200 pocket sprung design for ideal spinal support, giving each person a good night’s sleep.  It uses zonal support to provide more firmness in key areas such as the lumbar region while remaining softer where needed.


Double sided, easy to turn

Hypo-allergenic and prevents dust mites.

5-year warranty


Can take time for springs to settle in and reach the desired comfort level

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So there you have it – the secret to a good night’s sleep.  Regardless of budget, there is a comfortable option out there for everyone, and in today’s market, the type of support desired will be the biggest differentiator.  A few final words of advice: remember to ask for warranties and guarantees, as not all companies offer them, and, beware of the vacuum packed mattress! Many customers have reported that while they are easy to open, it pops open rather quickly, so be sure to take care when unwrapping.

When selecting a mattress, be sure to consider whether you prefer the memory foam feel to pocket sprung, and if you’re not sure, drop by a local mattress store to test one out.  Remember, ideally you should spend at least eight hours a day sleeping.  That’s 33% of your life on our mattress, so it’s important to get it right.