Happy Beds Mattress Reviews: Value For Your Money?

Shopping for a new mattress can be as painful as the back ache of sleeping on a bad mattress. An overwhelming amount of options, with sales associates aggressively pushing their products and some potentially very high prices, makes it come as no surprise that the process of buying a new mattress can be so burdensome.

However, making the right decision is of utmost importance, because it determines the quality of your sleep for the next seven years (or two, if you don’t choose a quality product and end up wasting money). Considering how it’s such a significant and long-term investment, and very important for your health over the many years it’ll serve you, and it can be a tough decision. It is where we come in, with Happy Beds Mattresses offering a broad and specialized selection to help our readers find the right option based on their available budget, sleep preference, needs, aesthetic taste and a variety of other factors.

The mattress is what makes the bedding. The frame, headboard and other parts might complement your bedroom’s décor and liven up the room as a whole, but in general, you’re going to want a good night’s sleep, and for that, you want a mattress that suits your needs.

Why Should I Buy Happy Beds Mattress?

The mattress you choose has an immense effect on the quality of your sleep, and uninterrupted, peaceful hours of rest are paramount to your health and starting off the day right. Happy Beds mattresses are uniquely designed and offer tested and optimal comfort for all customers.

The firm mattress tops are best suited for people who tend to sleep on their backs or their stomach usually, and they will get the most comfort out of them. However, the plush layers of softer mattresses are much better at soothing the pressure points throughout the body, giving you an overall treatment as you sleep.

The mattresses below represent our top 5 picks based on research and analysis, designed to make shopping for a new mattress as easy as pie. Are you tired of sleeping on the same creaky, old sponge? Look no further, because this is your ticket to upgrading your sleeping experience into a comfortable, spacious and tranquil one.

Best Happy Beds Mattresses

Quilted Open Coil Spring, Star Medium Soft Tension – 3ft Single (90 x 190 cm)

This Happy Beds mattress provides the absolute best value for your money, coming with plenty of cushioning and a damask fabric coating for a luxurious feel. It is also handmade in the UK and fire retardant. The quilted open coil spring mattress is a fantastic answer for those who yearn for a soft sensation when laying on their bed.


  • Feels great on the skin and for the body in general
  • Soft undercoating
  • Offers excellent value for your money


  • Slightly on the heavy side, for its size (around 20kg)
  • Not very good if jumped on (if you have children), sensitive to the hard impact

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Orthopaedic Open Coil Spring, Ortho Royale Medium Firm Tension – 3ft Single (90 x 190 cm)

Boasting a unique spring unit with guaranteed sturdiness this durable Happy Beds mattress offers a solid rest for anybody with health issues. With medium tension and firm structure, the Ortho Royale provides a focused body treatment assured to alleviate any pain in your bones.


  • Very therapeutic
  • Durable and reliable


  • Not very soft on the edges

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Othopaedic Open Coil Spring, Super Ortho Medium Firm Tension with Reflex Foam – 4ft6 Double (135 x 190 cm)

A union of reflex foam and the same spring unit as the “Ortho Royale “creates a combination guaranteed to get you a good night’s sleep. Featuring air assisted ventilators to help the mattress with respiration and layers of polyester and wool laying over the stable, orthopaedic spring system and reflex memory foam that mirrors your body’s shape, this bed will be completely cozy and make you not want to leave it in the morning. It’s vast, it’s comfortable, and it offers you a unique embrace, uniquely tailored to your specific body shape, every time you lay down.


  • Extremely comfortable reflex foam
  • Large size
  • Soft, welcoming bedding


  • Price
  • Maybe a bit too large for some rooms, you should check the dimensions to be sure before buying

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Orthopaedic 1000 Pocket Sprung, Majestic Medium Tension – 4ft6 Double (135 x 190 cm)

1000 individually connecting springs are what forms the backbone of this mattress, all of the springs reacting in unison, yet independently. They are organized to provide exceptional comfort and support your body where it needs the most support, by reshaping the general structure in real time to accommodate the way you’re currently laying down. Also featuring side handles to make moving it easy, a very long expected lifespan and deluxe hypoallergenic fillings.


  • Reactive to your body
  • It’s comfortable, and it adapts to you on the go


  • A little tenser than other ones

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Luxury 2.6ft Small Single

A classy Happy Beds mattress. The luxury small single mattress has a traditional design, with regular, comfortable fillings, almost no tension and the usual standard for quality upholstering. Great if you’re unsure what kind of Happy Beds mattress you want; it offers an ordinary place to sleep with a familiar feeling.


  • Good all-around mattress
  • Cheap


  • Nothing special

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Suffice to say, and overall Happy Beds offers excellent quality products at very affordable prices. It’s effortless to make your bedroom feel welcoming and pleasant if you associate the thought of sleeping with these good quality mattresses. They offer more than enough bang for your buck, thus making them worth your money because of the serenity they provide for your sleep.

If you suffer from any bone problems or if you’re merely feeling uncomfortable and restless sleeping in your bed, if it’s worn and torn, showing massive signs of usage and age, then spending nights in your current bed may not be the best idea.  Considering that there’s a myriad of immensely better alternatives waiting for you to make the call and improve your sleep, your health and your life. A sound sleep makes your following day a better and happy one for you.