Silentnight Mattress Reviews: Are They Cosy Enough?

Did you know that humans spend 1/3 of their life sleeping?

Since sleeping takes a huge part of a person’s life, it means that you should ensure that you have a cosy and long enough sleep. The mattress that you sleep on has a direct impact on your sleep comfort. Also, it will determine how you will wake up feeling in the morning.

Ideally, pick a mattress that comes with enough coziness, which will also limit the common back cosyand joint pains. You might wonder which is the right procedure to pick a good one, but there’s really no specific procedure. Rather, you should consider the firmness, size, and type (memory foam, latex, reflex, pocket spring, open coil spring, or foam). All these types come with different characteristics, which means that you should rate them and consider the one that is suitable for you.

Above all, you should mind the brand. Brands like Silentnight are among the leading manufacturers in the UK. It is is dubbed UK’s favourite mattress/bed brand, thanks to its delivery of high-quality and comfortable products.

About Silentnight Mattresses

As the name suggests, they have been designed to offer you a silent night. Hundreds of thousands of homes in the UK use the these mattresses and it is because of their super cosy nature. They have been designed to fit every sleeper. Whether you are tall, short, slender, chubby, young, or old, you can be sure of finding your ideal mattress.

    Why Is It People’s Favorite Mattress Brand?

One thing about Silentnight is that they don’t just lure people with their captivating name. Rather, they actually deliver mattresses that assure you of a comfortable night. Have a look at some of the reasons that make this brand a leading performer against other manufacturers.

  • They understand the industry

This brand has been in business for over 70 incredible years. Throughout these years, the brand has learned what clients need and how to make mattresses that cater to the need of every sleeper.

  • They come in a wide range

The mattresses come in a wide range to cater to the needs of the entire family. Whether you want a single mattress to fit in your studio flat, a small and cosy one for your baby or a big enough for you and your partner, Silentnight has got you covered.

  • 60-Night Guarantee

If you buy any of their mattresses and you don’t experience the cosiness as expected in 60 days, you can ask for a refund and you’ll have nothing to lose.

  • Spinal-Alignment Approved

These mattresses have been zoned to offer you optimal spinal alignment. This is one of the major features that give the brand its iconic name.

They have been tried and tested, and they are made with sustainable materials. Furthermore, you enjoy a free UK delivery. To top it all, their mattresses come with a 5-year warranty, and they are hypoallergenic.

The brand also offers beds that you can buy to match the cosy mattress. This way, you can be sure of getting enough support from both the bed and mattress. Keep in mind that a bad bed can affect the stability and final delivery of the mattress.

Top 5 Silentnight Mattresses

7-Zone Memory Foam Rolled

This double mattress is one of the best, thanks to its Miratex 7-Zone Cure support system. It is a memory foam mattress that delivers pressure relief, proper spinal alignment, and luxurious comfort. With a 20-cm thickness and a medium-firm tension, this Silentnight mattress will for sure give you a ‘silent’ night. It has a soft-touch quilted cover that enhances the comfort. It is also breathable to give you a sweat-less sleep.

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Single Miracoil

Have you just moved into that confined studio flat and you need an equally small, but super comfortable mattress? This Single Miracoil Mattress should serve you right. It features a Miracoil zoned spring system that delivers a medium firm feel for a comfortable sleep. Also, the Miracoil spring system has been designed to reduce rolling over as you sleep. This Silentnight mattress is thicker with a 22-cm depth for a nice and comfortable sleep.

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Single Healthy Growth Junior

Now, if you’ve been unsettled with the choice of your kids’ mattress, this one should give you a peace of mind. First off, this Silentnight mattress comes with an elegant blue theme, thanks to the blue border all around it. It has extra layers of comfortable filings to hold the body/weight of the kids as they grow. The border is not only there to make it look good, but it allows air to flow through. This way, your kids will enjoy a silent and sweat-less night. It is also foam and chemical treatment free, which makes it safe for your kids to sleep on.

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Miracoil Ortho

They do an amazing job at blending their mattresses with different materials. For instance, this one comes with a miracoil zoned spring system, which is blended well with orthopaedic fillings. The orthopaedic fillings offer a stable back support while the miracoil spring system delivers the needed comfort. This Silentnight mattress has a firm tension, which is the right choice if you prefer a firmer sleeping area. It features a traditionally hand-tufted cover that enhances its appearance. You won’t need to spread your bedsheet when you get off the bed in the morning.

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Pocket Essentials 1000 Pocket Spring

Coming in with a massive king size, this Silentnight mattress is perfect for those that want a large mattress that is not only big enough for a couple but also one that offers executive comfort. Thanks to the 1,000 individual pocket springs, this one will give you an amazingly carefree night. Each spring will respond individually to give you enough support and also balance the entire body while keeping your spinal cord straight. It features a micro-quilted soft cover that gives you a cosy hug all night long. With a medium firm tension, you can be sure of enjoying your night with enough support and comfort.

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Silentnight mattresses are available at varying prices to let you choose the product that falls in your budget. If you are not much of a spender but you still need a decently comfortable mattress, there are plenty to choose from. Always remember to get a stable one to maximize your sleep.